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You can request our services in several different ways :

  • Order them from the store and this gives you access to discounts in prices.
  • Contact us and communicate with customer service to help you explain the method and steps of buying from the store.
  • Come to our company's headquarters in Riyadh, meet with the team and request your service.

The agreed period for the completion of the work is determined depending on before paying the required amount for the service, after studying the client's requests and determining the expected time for the implementation of the service.

You can request an amendment to your service from one to two times, but it should be borne in mind that these amendments are simple and not radical amendments at the heart of the things that have already been agreed upon earlier, in order for us to achieve justice and equality among all our customers without one customer taking the right of another to working hours.

We are happy to meet together and meet the team 24 hours a day via the zoom application

zoom meet)) or by coming immediately to our company headquarters in Riyadh

 (Malaz-Zahraa-Omar bin Abdul Aziz Branch Road).

Contact customer service directly through our WhatsApp number: 539396420

Or leave an email via the website and you will be contacted by the customer service team.

Yes, the service is available in the field ,if you want to get one of our services outside Riyadh, you can contact us and request the service and send the address and you will be provided with one of our representatives to your headquarters at the specified address .

  • The content of a comprehensive integrated company where you can find all marketing services in one place.
  • Prices and discounts suitable for all categories( productive families, companies and businessmen,government institutions)
  • A dedicated team for each individual project so that it can be fully dedicated to the client.
  • Fast response and response to customers 24 hours a day.
  • Honesty and credibility in dealing with customers .
  • Achieve tangible results in the commercial market, not written slogans.
  • Offering packages at various prices that suit the size of commercial activity for various projects.
  • Customer follow-up service after completion of reaching the agreed goal.
  • Bank transfer by direct payment.
  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • Mada card.
  • Through the points of sale available within the company.
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